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Developers awaiting permits on vacant property or other corporate businesses with under utilized parking spaces during business hours or un-utilized parking spaces after closing hours can allow Asta to maximize your parking spaces with visitors of other establishments in the area thus generating increased revenues and profit for your property. Let Asta and our experienced staff manage your Parking Lots and Garages.

Asta is experienced in offering revenue control systems along with its parking application provided by its partner Park By App which allows for a high-standard parking management service for your facilities, municipalities , project developers, landlords, retailers, and many more. Our expert staff is professionally trained to provide the best system, nicely designed and detailed signage as well as clean, safe and user-friendly environments to generate maximum revenue for you and your property.

Surface Lot

The perfect sized plan for small businesses to get started.

  • Secure Electronic Payments
  • 24/7 staff supprt
  • Parking App Option - Park by App

An unlimited plan that will scale infinitely to any size project.

  • Secure Electronic Payments
  • 24/7 staff supprt
  • Parking App Option - Park by App

Paymeter.Turn your empty parking lot into income after hours.

Garage. Solutions for multi-level garage located in South Florida.

Sinage.Tranform into professional appealing and safe location to park


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Pay for parking from your mobile phone. Parking made easy. The way it should be!