Submit A Vehicle Damage Claim

For all claims/loss made AFTER LEAVING one of our client establishments please read the following notices/disclaimers as we have no certainty of our company's responsibility for such claims at this point. We do, however, invite you to provide as much information as you can in the form below, along with any photographs of the damage you have noticed. We will diligently investigate your claim and contact you in due course.


Customer and Company agree as follows: Customer agrees to inspect car before leaving lot. Customer's claim of damage or loss must be reported and itemized in writing on Company's form before car is taken from auto park following a claim of loss, and if not so made, any such claim is waived by Customer. Should Company agree to make repairs to customers car at it's expense, Company has option within 48 hours after filing of claim to choose the place and the person to make repairs. No liability is assumed by Company for loss or damage by fire, theft, vandalism, mechanical failure or act of nature to any vehicle. No liability is assumed by Company for vehicles left after closing hours.

Disclaimer on booth:

POLICY: All claims for adjustment must be presented before vehicle is taken from facility. No liability is assumed by Asta Parking for loss or damage by fire, theft, vandalism, mechanical failure or act of nature to any vehicle. No liability is assumed by Asta Parking for cars left after closing hours.

Please fill out this form with any details and submit any photos of the damage. Our Claims dept will contact you shortly.

Of course we realize that the moment you notice that your vehicle is damaged, or you cannot find an item you thought was in your car, this can be upsetting!

With over 25 years in the parking industry we do realize that mistakes can such our Staff are trained to REPORT ALL INCIDENTS IMMEDIATELY so we can take care of an identified claim as quickly and conveniently as possible. Our reputation is dependent on us handling claims we know we are responsible for in a professional and courteous manner.

If you are missing an item from your vehicle, before assuming "the valet took it" we encourage you to make a thorough search of your vehicle including under seats and your trunk. With a calm state of mind, 99% of the time "missing items" will be found by our customers, shortly after they contact us!

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